When you have trouble and you are at a loss,just look at a sword.A sword will encourage you.When you are angry and you have flown into a rage,just take a deep breath and look at a swordA sword will quietly ease your mind.Look at a sword, and touch a sword.

Our name recalls the legend of Kansho, a famous sword smith
from the Go country of ancient China.

As he worked by the forge, his wife, Bakuya, cut her hair and
nails and threw them into the blazing furnace.
Just then, two swords of unparalleled beauty were created.
The “Kansho-Bakuya” swords were to become known throughout the
country and by all ages as the finest ever produced.

We named KANSHOAN for this legend, as a place where you can
find historical and modern swords of such high quality and
legendary craft.

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