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KANSHOAN (hereinafter referred as “the Company”) complies with the Personal Information Protection Act.
We properly handle personal information (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.)
which identify specific individuals.

1. Obtaining personal information

The Company obtains personal information legally and properly and discloses its purpose.

2. Handling personal information

  • 1) Use for appropriate purposes

    The Company does not use customers' personal information beyond the designated purpose without
    their consent.
    The Company uses customers' personal information for the following purposes.

    • Send information to customers about our products and services.
    • Send questionnaires to customers regarding our products plan & development and customer satisfaction.
    • Respond to customers' inquiries and provide services to customers promptly.
    • Other purposes disclosed to customers.
    • Comply with laws, orders, or instructions by regulatory authorities.
  • 2) Protection of personal information

    The Company properly secures personal information preventing loss, alteration, and divulgation.

3. Contact

Customers may inquire us to disclose their personal information. In addition, customers may inquire us to correct, prohibit, or
delete their information.

4. Compliance with laws and improvement

The Company complies with laws related to personal information protection and continues to improve to secure them.
In addition, the Company will disclose improvement and reflect our policy promptly.

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